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With Fall here, is your home ready for the coming wet weather?

This sump pump from a recent home inspection is missing a pit basin. A sump pump in a crawlspace needs a properly designed pit with a basin to prevent debris from clogging the intake, which may result in the failure of the pump.

Make sure your home is ready for fall and winter by contacting Wise Structure Inspections LLC to schedule your home maintenance inspection today!


Buying a home and need a pre-purchase home inspection? Selling a home and want to know the condition before your buyer does? Own a home and want a maintenance inspection to identify issues before they become big problems? Contact Wise Structure Inspections LLC to schedule your thorough home inspection today!

Wise Structure Inspections LLC offers home inspection services for buyers, sellers, and homeowners in Spokane, WA, specializing in pre-listing inspections, pre-purchase inspections, home maintenance inspections, and 11-month warranty inspections.

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