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Two raccoons enter a crawlspace...

Two raccoons enter a crawlspace. First one turns to the second and says “What do you think of this place?” Second one answers “It’s nice, but could use some remodeling.” 🦝 🦝

On a recent pre-purchase inspection, the far end of this crawlspace had significant rodent damage. Insulation had been pulled down exposing the subfloor, plumbing, wiring and heating duct.

An un-insulated subfloor can lead to higher heating bills and also condensation of water inside the heating ducts. The exposed plumbing is also vulnerable to freezing and bursting pipes. Before buying a home, count on a top-to-bottom home inspection to understand it's true condition.


Buying a home and need a pre-purchase home inspection? Selling a home and want to know the condition before your buyer does? Own a home and want a maintenance inspection to identify issues before they become big problems? Contact Wise Structure Inspections LLC to schedule your thorough home inspection today!

Wise Structure Inspections LLC offers home inspection services for buyers, sellers, and homeowners in Spokane, WA, specializing in pre-listing inspections, pre-purchase inspections, home maintenance inspections, and 11-month warranty inspections.

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